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 About Jadeite 


JADEITE owned by Wedding Isle Gallery Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. Founded by industry veterans Sharon Wei and Cynthia Lim; whose passion for fashion design and beauty enables them to continue striving for innovative ideas. Each armed with 20 years’ worth of experience and an impressive portfolio.

Named after one of the most precious mineral formations on earth that symbolises purity, richness and rarity, JADEITE is a label dedicated to craft beautiful timeless cheongsam for the ladies. Cheongsam, also known as qipao in Mandarin, is regarded as one of the most modest yet sexy fashion designs, thanks to its structural close-fitting and figure showing silhouette.

A well-designed cheongsam is able to withstand the test of time, an exquisite fabric and well-tailored cheongsam is as precious as a real jadeite.




Jadeite is a Malaysian label with a long tradition of creating fashionable Cheongsam dresses . It keeps the form of cloth-making intact while modernizingthe appearance and functionality of the dresses . Modern Cheongsam by Jadeite is a perfect design for special occasions.


Each of the Jadeite pieces have unique floral motifs with a high skirt, high collar and body hugging to polish the elements that attribute to the traditional Cheongsam or Qipao . It represent a rich cultural heritage and a sophisticated , intricate artistic custom.


Over a decade in the fashion industry , We had expanded and diversified into Cheongsam and Quan Kwa. " We believe that it is an artisanal craf worth preseving in thesemodern times", Jadeite


Qun Kwa is a Traditional Wedding Dress. Its consists of a loose long skirt (Qun) and top coat (Kwa). The garment is tapered to accentuate the waist. The top coat sleeves must expose hands, usually ending 3 inches above the wrists It is designed in red to symbolize luck and happiness for the auspicious occasion.

Red , Gold, Dragon and Phoenix are indispensable elements in traditional in Chinese wedding dress, Qun Kwa. The elements represent vitality, and fertility in traditional Chinese. Qun Kwa is sewn with the auspicious embroidery and high density of gold and silver threading to preserve Chinese heritage besides creating a 3-dimensional effect as a focal point to symbolise the dragon as alive. Qun Kwa is to be worn on the wedding day for tea ceremony.  'Embrace the cultural roots with Qun Kwa"