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The Making 

The craftsmanship of Jadeite dresses are tailored to make everyone wearing it look Oriental. Jadeite take pride in all the traditional details, but goes a step further by designing dresses to fit the needs and shapes of today's women. Jadeite leverages the essence of traditional heritage in every piece of garment.

All dresses are merging craftsmanship with silk satin, soft  lace, prada lace, cordless lace, and other luxurious fabrics. The designs for each dress is diligently stitched and crafted. It is made with passion ,skill, and eye details. Every dress embroideryand hem is handmade to carry the weight of Chinese Heritage. 

Cheongsam dresses are designed by incorporating different colour accents and andornate floral patterns into the fabric. All dresses are designed with an inbuild corset to improve the wearer's posture and offer desired hourglass fiqure. With  the support of an inbuilt corset , the dress will be tightly fitted to the waist. Its elegance cut hold body posture to guard the body in shape . The unique feature in every design is its various styles of borders around its collor, sleeves and cutting.



From designing , sketches, sewing, to detailing , each dress will take at least three month to complete. Jadeite hand-picks every fabrics to details to ensure dresses embellishment are perfectly made to cherish your occasion