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Amber Collection 

The Amber Collection compliments the Classic Cheongsam Concept with the elements of straight cut and open slit skirt , mandarin collar, same length train and sleveless. Even though Cheongsam dresses have been innovated the years, the classic touch remains sleek and timeless. In built corset and bra had been the trademark of Jadeite Cheongsam dresses. This Collection is suitable for any throughout the years.







Onyx Collection 

Onyx Collection is an innovation of the modern classic concept . This Collection has mandarin collar to complement the cheongsam concept. Skirt is designed with an open slit for easy walking and makes the skirt hang perfectly straight, Satin fabric gets along well in bohemian concepts. Garnet Collection has its own ambience throughout the design and colours.







Garnet Collection 

Mermaid is the main element in Garnet Collection. It is a dress for contour curves and great to show off an hourglass shape. The dress hugs your bodice from chest down, Waist , up to your knee, or slightly below knee. The skirt design is flaring out to the hem that completes a dramatic outlook and fitted silhouette. Every piece of dress in this collection had their own identity.